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Binary trading – Don’t start off too big

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Many people come in to binary trading with big dreams of becoming millionaires which, of course, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People that practice hard and really get into it often do become successful and rich. However, binary trading is no “sure thing”, and there are certainly no guarantees that everyone that starts trading will become rich instantly. There is a lot of knowledge involved in binary trading, and in order to repeatedly predict the future of the market correctly we need to learn how the market works.

I see a lot of new traders making the mistake of taking on too much in the beginning. They put their life savings on the line straight away and start trading aggressively on the binary market, and then when they lose, they can’t understand why. Well, just like with anything else, you will need to practice your trading skills before you can become a master of the trading game. I always recommend newbie to set up a demo account with a well known broker. The thing I like most about the demo accounts is not the fact that you get a chance to try out a new brokers trading platform, but the fact that you get the opportunity to try real life trading without having to risk any money. This is an excellent way of learning how online trading works, and how the market moves. In other words, a great way to get a feel for trading.

Binary options are great for the beginner as it’s such a simple way of starting out. By reading a few guides on sites like or, for Spanish players,, you can quickly learn the basic in just a few hours. Basically, what binary trading is, is to guess whether an asset will go up or down in value within a specified time frame and then make your investment based on that prediction. If you are right, you will get a large return on your investment, up to 70-80% in just a few minutes. This means that you can potentially make an awful lot of profit in just a few hours time in the binary trading world. However, whenever you are wrong in a prediction, you will lose your full investment, meaning that there’s still a relatively high risk involved in the game.

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