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Depositing and withdrawing money from casinos

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When playing casino games for real money you are going to use certain deposit and withdrawal methods to transfer money between the online casino and your personal bank account. For a beginner, who hasn’t got that much experience of the internet, paying for things electronically might seem slightly intimidating if he’s not used to it. But there’s no need to worry, payments online today are probably safer than walking around in your city with a wallet full of cash. As long as you play on safe casinos, which the vast majority of casinos are, you’re not going to have to experience any problems. To find a safe and secure, well renowned casino, try visiting, which is a website focused on reviewing different online casinos.

Personally, I would recommend depositing money with your debit or credit card. This is in my personal experience the most simple and efficient way to deposit money into a casino. Both VISA and MasterCard are accepted at the vast majority of online casinos around the world, with the exception of a few countries in which they are restricted. One important thing to know here, is that while you can make withdrawals to you VISA card, MasterCard does not accept withdrawals, and you will therefore have to choose a different payment option when you which to make your withdrawal. Withdrawals to VISA has the downside that it will usually take a few days for VISA to process, but this is usually not more than 2 or 3 days at most. You can find out more which casinos are accepting certain types of payment methods at as well as, which both offers big lists of different casinos fro around the world.

Another common payment method to use is Moneybookers, which many gamblers today prefer. When using Moneybookers, you first have to set up a payment account at their website. You then transfer money from your bank account into your Moneybookers account so that you get a balance. Once you’ve got money in your MB-account, you will be able to directly deposit money into an online casino. When it’s time to withdraw money, select Moneybookers as your payment method and the money will be paid to your account there. The good thing about Moneybookers is that you don’t have to wait for the money to be processed in to your account, they will be transferred instantly as soon as the casino accepts your withdrawal request. has a large selection of casinos offering moneybookers as a payment alternative!

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