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Things you might not know about online bingo

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Since online bingo works a bit different depending on what website you play at, you can easily find new things everyday just by looking around at different websites. A good way of finding new bingo sites is by visiting bingo centers such as or for example. Not only have they got good articles on bingo related topics, but they have also reviewed a large number of different bingo operators based on criteria such as functionality, support, bonuses and overall performance. In this post I wanted to go over some of the features that you might not have previously know a bingo site could have:

Casino sections

It’s not uncommon for bingo websites to have casino sections integrated on the website. This is a great feature to have, especially if you are an all round player looking for a bit of variety in your gaming. If the bingo is not going great for you, you can always dip in to the casino and try your luck at the different slot machines available. Some bingos even have a mini slot or another casino game available straight in the bingo client so that you can entertain yourself while you wait for a new bingo game to begin! One example of a good bingo that offers casino games would be, which you can find here, but there are several other bingo sites with casino sections that you can find at sites like!

Free games

Some bingo websites, although it’s pretty much a minority, offers their customers free games now and then. In a free game you can compete for real money prizes without having to risk losing any of your own money. Every player receives an equal amount of cards before the game start – without having to pay for them – and then the operator puts in a free pot of cash that several winners get to take part of. If you are a player on a tight budget, it is definitely a good idea to hunt down a website which is generous with the free games.

Chat games

Much like the free games, this is a way of getting money for free to use in the bingo. Some websites offer their players chat games on the side of the bingo. The chat games are played in the chat room that is connected to the bingo. They are often free to participate in and there are usually several winners. Prizes are often awarded in bingobucks, meaning that the money can’t be withdrawn straight away, but they can be used to buy cards. All the winnings generated from the bingobucks can then be withdrawn. You can find several bingos offering free chat games at places like BingoYa!

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